Temperature Entrance Scanner

Our thermal infrared imaging probe has the advantages of high sensitivity, high pixel, high resolution and array imaging compared with ordinary infrared receivers on the market
Technical Description:
Very low consumption Less than 13W under normal working power

Parameter Settings : The main parameters such as sensitivity, accuracy, and compensation temperature can be adjusted according to customer use scenarios

Working mode: 1 normal passing mode 2 slow mode 3 stop Detection distance: <50 CM


PASSING RATE: Normal Slow walking through, face side view indicator light, passing rate * 40-60people / min

TO PREVENT MISSING INSPECTION: The product design conforms to the ergonomics, which can ensure that the subject can not avoid the probe and avoid the inspection.

SYSTEM FUNCTION: Through the green light of the number of people, the red light of the alarm incase of high temperature, and the number of the people recorded

AUDIBLE AND VISUAL: the subject’s temperature is abnormal through the temperature measurement door, the red signal light flashes and a sound prompt is given to the test staff the number of alarms.

INTELLIGENT STATISTICS: Intelligent passenger flow and alarm counting function, can automatically count the number of people passing and the number of alarms

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