Multi-Function Disinfection Chamber

SAFEMIST 3in1 disinfectant channel is applicable for entrance of various establishments such as mall, supermarket, hospital, factory, etc. In order safeguard against bacteria, germs and various carrier.

Technical Description:
Dimension L180cm x W110cm x H249cm, ACC220v 900w, >35db, Rainproof protection, Cold rolled steel plate, Temperature display panel


Hand Sanitizing Dispenser

Dispenses hand sanitizer automatically with sensors. 1Liter dispensing capacity.

Infrared Body Temperature Detector

Automatic detection of temperature. Sensing method Facial Recognition. System will alarm for passerby with high temperature

Ultrasonic Ionization Spray

Sprays water base disinfectant to disinfect passer by on the chamber. It’s automization procedure does not make the passers wet. Microwave induction technology.

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