Face Recognition Temperature Measuring Terminal

● Using a high-performance intelligent processor and a deep learning-based face recognition algorithm, the face capture rate is greatly improved.

● Support real-time temperature detection and high temperature alarm.

● Support face optimization, face enhancement and face exposure to improve imaging quality.

● Supports anti-counterfeiting in vivo, based on facial biometric recognition, which cannot be replaced and copied, eliminating counterfeiting operations.

It is widely used in station, airport, mall, hospital, school, etc.


● List pre-authorization and self-authorization.
● Adopt the principle of integration design, which ensures the safety and reliability of the equipment, and provides more guarantee for the accuracy of identity verification.
● Support identification of witnesses and witnesses, and early warning of strangers.
● Face recognitionintegrated machine supports personalized customization.
● Support cloud and local identification.
● Support adjusting the recognition distance.
● Offline and networked 10,000 face databases are standard, supporting massive historical record storage.
● Fast and efficient, high recognition accuracy and fast verification speed.
● Non-contact identification, completely different from fingerprints and punch-in methods, frees hands, and does not need to cooperate with the experience.
● Lost or forgotten identification card no longer occurs.
● The device will not be touched frequently, so the failure rate is low and the stability is high.
● Voice broadcast, humanized touch screen, simple and stylish interface.
● HD color screen and high resolution.
● Ventilation holes and speaker sound: The speaker sound quality is high, and the cooling holes keep the body from high temperature.
● Support Chinese and English switching, high-definition voice prompts.
● Support U disk download, self-service report.
● Supports multiple system functions such as access control, access and so on.

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