Disinfection Tent

In lieu to the ongoing pandemic virus Covid19 we have to take precautionary measures in order to defeat, avoid and repel this kind of dreaded disease. May we offer our product the Safemist Entrance Disinfectant Channel Machine. It sprays disinfectant water based chemical for passers in order to kill potential virus on surface. This will help kill the virus on surface and provent it in entering your establishment.

It automatically spray mist every time someone will pass by. Tent can be modified for vehicles to passby Sensor activated no need for operator, meaning it will automatically ON and OFF every time there is a person, vehicle within the tent.
Technical Description:
Power: 220V 50/60Hz, 180W
Flow Rate: 1.2 Liters per minute
Nozzle: 15pcs nozzle spray Automatic ON/OFF with sensor Timer Activated Manual on & off

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